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Why Lawsuit Loans Can Be Very Expensive?

One of the first and most common questions we get: how much lawsuit loans? That is a good question that deserves some discussion. Especially because at first glance the lawsuit loan may seem expensive. On average lawsuit loan companies typically charge anywhere between two and a half to three and a half percent. That sure […]

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How to Get the Cheapest Car Accident Loan Possible

Like anything else, when looking for a car accident loan, you always want to find the cheapest option out there. Yes, like Delta Lawsuit Loans provides loans that are fast and convenient, everybody wants to get a good deal on their car accident loan. Financial Assistance After a Car Accident There are several line items […]

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Can Your Attorney Give You a Loan Against Your Lawsuit?

Professional ethics prohibit your personal injury attorney to give you a loan against your lawsuit. It makes sense. If they provide you with a loan against your case, they now have a personal stake in the case which can lead to a conflict of interests. The most important part of having a personal injury attorney […]

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Pre Settlement Lawsuit Loans [ 2021 ] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Answered

  Getting a pre-settlement lawsuit loan is a pretty simple process. At Delta Lawsuit Loans we are committed to getting our clients funding against their personal injury settlement as quickly as possible. We have many pre-settlement injury options available. People have many questions and we will aspire to answer the most frequently asked ones.   […]

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How Coronavirus Has Increased Demands for Legal Funding

The coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, has thrown the world on its head. In just the past few months, the virus has killed well over a hundred thousand Americans and hundreds of thousands more worldwide. The elderly are most likely to present the most serious symptoms and die from COVID-19, but no one’s safe, […]

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