Accident Lawsuit Loans Fast, Safe, and Secure

If you have an attorney and are waiting for your case to settle, you can apply now for a settlement loan with Delta Lawsuit Loans.

There are no credit checks, employment history checks, and no monthly payments.

And the best part is, if you don’t win your case, you don’t pay us back. Not a dime.

You will have the cash you need ahead of your settlement in three easy steps:

  1. You apply with us in minutes.
  2. We discuss the case with your attorney.
  3. We approve you and send you the money.

When your case settles, Delta Legal Funding gets paid back out of the final settlement in return for the pre-settlement loan.

We’ll get you the settlement loan fast.

In fact, we guarantee that once the settlement loan is approved, you will have the money in 24 hours.

Not next week, or next month but today. It’s your money!

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How to Get Qualified for a Settlement Cash Advance


To get qualified for a settlement loan, it does not take a lot of work and is it based on three simple factors:

  1. You have an attorney. If you have an attorney that you’ve hired on a contingency basis, that is the first part of the qualification. Now remember, we will ask the attorney for some documentation and may to need a chat with them should we have any questions
  2. You were injured in an accident that was not your fault. If you were injured in an accident that the other driver was at fault, or you were a passenger in a car, you are qualified to request a settlement loan.
  3. You live in a state that qualifies. We fund most states in the United States. There are a few states that we are not able to fund in. As long as you are in one of the (states we fund) you can qualify for a settlement loan.

When you reach out to our team to get a settlement loan, they will do everything they can to get you the money you need quickly.

In most cases, the insurance company will try to drag the case as long as possible so that you will need to accept their low ball offers.

They understand that after an accident, most people need money quickly to pay their bills until they get their settlement.

Delta Lawsuit Loans will not let that happen.

A settlement loan may be expensive because it is non-recourse, but it is also a valuable tool for plaintiffs so that they can wait to get the money that is rightfully theirs.

When you give us a call, we can let you know in 30 seconds if your case qualifies.

Our team of professionals will ensure that if there is any possibility of getting your case funded, they will make it happen. It’s that simple.

We then fill out a 5-minute application for a little detail.

Once that is completed, we will reach out to your attorney to get the documents on your case from them.

We make it easy on them by allowing them to upload the settlement loan documents in their own personalized portal.

Once we get the needed documentation for the attorney’s office we will get the settlement loan money to you in less than 24 hours.

What are Settlement Loans?

Settlement loans, also known as lawsuit cash advance or funding, help plaintiffs like you make ends meet after being injured or otherwise unlawfully mistreated.

Although they are tied to the success of your Lawsuit, in that if you lose you owe us nothing.

Settlement loans are not specifically for legal fees.

They’re there to help you meet any needs that may come up during the time between your injury and settlement, whether the expenses are due to medical bills, unemployment, or any other reason.

You can use the money for whatever you like.

Do You Check My Credit or Employment History?

No, we do not. A settlement loan is directly tied to the actual case, and we do not worry about your credit score or employment status or history.

For a settlement loan, it doesn’t really matter.

How Much Money Can I Get?

It often depends on your case and how much money you need. We can fund $500, $5,000 or even over $100,000. It depends on the type of case you have and the assessed value of it.

Is This a Loan?

While we call pre-settlement funding a “settlement loan,” the cash you get from Delta Legal Funding is not technically a loan.

When Delta Lawsuit Loans offers a pre-settlement advance, we are investing in your potential settlement.

That’s why you owe us nothing if you don’t win your case. As opposed to traditional loans, settlement loans are tied to the success of your lawsuit.

So, while a bank will take principal and interest even if you lose, we only get paid when you win your case.

I received money from another company, and they denied my request for additional funding. Can I get additional funding from you?

Every funding company has a different set of guidelines for underwriting settlement loans.

We understand how difficult life can be, and we strive to fund as many clients as we can, as much as we possibly can.

We use a simple three-step process to get you the money you need right away.

Even if you’ve been turned down for additional funding from another funding company, give us a call today.

When is Payment Due?

Lawsuits can take a long time to settle. We do not require payment by a certain date like an ordinary lender.

As mentioned earlier, these advances are not regular loans and are tied specifically to your lawsuit.

Once your case settles, your attorney will pay us back out of the funds that you’ve won.

Why a Settlement Loan?

Being strapped for cash puts you and your attorney in a difficult negotiating position going into a settlement.

You may be taken advantage of and given a smaller settlement in return for speed.

With a settlement loan from us, you can wait out outside pressures and negotiate for the settlement you deserve.

Also, because payment comes out of the settlement and not out of your wallet, your credit score, employment history, and financial history don’t prevent you from qualifying for a pre-settlement settlement loan.

Are There Any Upfront Fees that I Need To Pay in Advance?

There are no upfront fees. Even if there is an application fee, it is often not paid upfront.

If there is a fee associated with the agreement, it is only paid when you win your case.

What Kind of Settlement Loans Do You Fund?

We fund all kinds of settlement loans. We offer car accident loans, slip and fall loans, medical malpractice loans, and all other types of accident loans.

See Cases We Fund for more details.

How Will I Get My Funds?

We understand how urgent access to funds is for our clients, so we strive to get you the pre-settlement funds for your settlement loan as quickly as possible.

The options to receive your settlement loan usually include FedEx for next-day delivery, a wire straight to your bank account, or Western Union.

Understanding How Much Settlement Loans Cost

When you get a settlement loan it is always non-recourse. This essentially means that if you wind up losing your case for any reason, we cannot ask you to pay us back.

It is directly tied to your case and that is the only way we can recover our money that was advanced to you.

Settlement Loans are Not Cheap

Given that this is a non-recourse advance on your case and there is no way to recover the funds if you don’t win your case, settlement loans are not cheap.

They typically charge anywhere from one to three percent.

Usually, the fee structure for the settlement loan is based on several factors:

  1. How strong is the case? Like everything else, there are some cases that an underwriter would consider a slam dunk case and is extremely comfortable with the risk. In this case, the fees might be on the lower end given that there is less risk. However, there are other times when the liability in the case may not be as clear it may be open to interpretation. In a case like this, the underwriter still may be interested in providing a settlement loan but will want a higher rate to offset the higher risk
  2. How far along is the case is? There are many stages in a lawsuit when a loan can be provided.
  • Soon after the accident occurred
  • At the beginning of treatment
  • During plaintiff treatment
  • when the client had completed treatment
  • During the discovery phase (depositions)
  • When the complaint has been filed
  • When answers were received
  • The date has been set for trial

As the case progresses and the underwriter has more and more information on the case.

For example, when there are depositions, he can see what the defense’s argument might be.

If they like what they see and believe the case is extremely strong, they will provide a lower rate for the settlement loan.

If they see the details and it is less appealing to give a settlement loan, they might approve it and provide a higher rate.

  1. What state did the accident occur in? Different states have different laws and regulations when it comes to accidents and settlement loans.
    When an underwriter reviews a case, they always look at the state that it occurred in to determine what rate they should apply to the Settlement loan

Benefits Of A Settlement Loan

No Credit Check or Employment Check

When you get a settlement loan, we will never check your credit or your employment history. Ever.

It is not our business and it has no impact on the decision for your settlement loan. The reason is that this really is not a loan at all.
It is simply an advance against your current case.

All we look at to make a settlement loan decision is the strength of the case.

And the best news is that it is fast. As long as your attorney sends us the documents we request, oftentimes you can have the money in your pocket the same day.

Avoid Accepting Low Ball Offers from Insurance Companies

The insurance companies get it.

They understand the devastation that folks go through after having an accident that is no fault of their own.

Oftentimes plaintiffs might lose their jobs. And then the bills begin to add up.

Rent comes due, the car note needs to get paid and you need to pay your living expenses.

So they almost always start making you low ball offers in the hopes that you are desperate and will accept it.

Your attorney understands this and wants to hold off. But what are you supposed to do? This is where a settlement loan can really help.

It may not be cheap, but it will put you on an even playing field with the insurance companies.

With a settlement loan, It allows you to get the money you deserve as a result of your injuries.

What it is essentially is an advance against the money you win in your case.

The money is not cheap so use it only for essential living expenses.

The Delta Lawsuit Loans Mission

Our mission is to get money in the hands of plaintiffs who had an accident which was no fault of their own quickly.

We want to even the playing field so that our clients can get the settlement that they rightfully deserve. It’s your money!

Drop us a message to know more.