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Injuries can happen anytime because of faulty products.

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Product Liability
product liability pre settlement loans - Delta Lawsuit Loans

Product Liability Lawsuit Loans – Get Payout Fast with Delta Lawsuit Loans

The many manufactured products we encounter every single day generally make our lives much easier. The simplify and automate processes that would otherwise take up valuable time of our days.

Sometimes, unfortunately, products are made negligently so that they injure their users during normal use or because they fail to work.

These malfunctions can be in an entire line of products, a certain batch, or even a single unit.

Either way, if you were injured during normal use of a product or because a product didn’t work due to oversight, malfunctions, defectiveness, or various forms of negligence, you could consider filing a product liability lawsuit.

Once you hire a lawyer to go over your claims and your options, you can reach out to Delta Lawsuit Loans for pre settlement loans for product liability lawsuit funding.

We’ll look over the details of your case and determine whether to offer a product liability pre settlement loans for your case.

If approved, you can receive cash in as little as 24 hours from the time of your application. You can use the product liability lawsuit settlement loans in any way you’d like, and you pay back only if and when you win. If you want to know more you can fill in the contact form and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Injured by a Product? Here’s What You Can Do

As in all cases of personal injury, your safety and wellbeing are paramount. Before you do anything else, if you’re injured by or because of a faulty product, you should treat any injuries you may have sustained as a result.

Going to the doctor and having your injuries treated is critical both to your health and to the success of your case because it demonstrates the damage you suffered as a result of the product.

Only once you are medically able should you consult with an attorney about opportunities for compensation.

Product bad effects - Delta Lawsuit LoansIt’s important you do this sooner rather than later, however, so you don’t risk running past the statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits like product liability suits in your state.

After hiring a lawyer, you can also apply for a lawsuit loan from Delta Lawsuit Loans. We offer different kinds of personal injury lawsuit loans like dog bites, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence and assault and battery lawsuit loans. Visit our website to know more.

We’re happy to help out when you need cash in the endlessly long time between your injury and a successful settlement.

A lawsuit loan from us can actually help you get the settlement you want by saving you from desperation for cash.

When you need cash badly, you may be tempted to accept even a poor offer. But a lawsuit loan from us is your money, so you won’t need to rush to accept an offer, and you can wait for the one you deserve.

What Are the Three Types of Product Defects?

All product defects fall into three broad categories.

Design Defects

These include any defects in the plans for the product. In this case, every single product would be affected by the same defect because they were designed defectively.

Manufacturing Defects

These include defects that occurred during the manufacturing process. The design for the products was safe, but because of some mistake during the manufacture of the products, some or all became defective.

Manufacturing defects are usually limited to all the units made in a particular factory, one batch of units, or individual units.

Marketing Defects

These occur when the products themselves are safe when used appropriately, but they are not labeled appropriately, or not enough instructions or warnings are given.

This type of defect usually affects all units because they are all marketed in the same way. It is possible, however, that one batch or unit will fail to receive the necessary instructions.

No matter which category of defect caused your injury, your case may qualify for settlement funding.

Our company can offer pre-settlement cash advances for qualifying product defect cases in all of the states we fund.

Who Is Liable for Defective Products?

Defect products - Delta Lawsuit LoansThe person who is liable for the defective product varies in every case, especially based on which category the case falls into.

When the case is due to a design defect, the company behind the team that designed the product would likely be liable.

When it’s a manufacturing defect, the factory may be responsible. For a marketing defect, the marketing team, or even the store that sold the product could be held liable.

In many cases, multiple defendants may be named. In others, the company that makes the product may be the only entity named if they did not outsource any of the steps in the process of creating the product.

The good news is it may not be your responsibility to determine who is liable.

The doctrine of res ipsa loquitur states that someone must be responsible for the defect, and the defendant must demonstrate that it is not the party that is responsible.

This effectively shifts the burden of proof from you to the defendant. This doctrine does not always apply, so you should discuss it with your lawyer.

We discuss details like these with your lawyer to come to a decision on whether to approve your request for a cash advance for product liability lawsuit.

Things we do not discuss include your credit and employment histories. We’re only going to look at the merits of your case when we decide whether to provide settlement funding.

That’s because you won’t be paying us back for the “loan”; your settlement will. We get repaid straight out of the settlement. And if there is no settlement because you’ve lost, we won’t get paid at all, period.

Which Products Qualify for Liability Cases?

The type of product determines how negligent the manufacturer or others had to have been to be liable.

By the doctrine of strict liability, manufacturers are often not even protected from product liability claims by doing everything possible to avoid user injury.

But in other cases, when the normal use of the product is inherently dangerous and the manufacturer could not have made it safer without limiting its intended use, you cannot sue for product liability.

For instance, if you injured yourself while using a perfectly working chainsaw, that’s not the manufacturer’s fault, unless they failed to provide adequate warnings or instructions.

It’s important to know the level of the defect you’ll have to prove based on various products.

Generally, when a product is considered safe and injures you, that can result in a product liability lawsuit; but if it is a product that is generally considered dangerous, it will be tough to show that the manufacturer or others were negligent.

In any case, you can apply for a settlement loan as soon as you hire a lawyer. We’ll consider these factors and others like them in our decision whether to fund your case.

But once we do offer funding, often within a day, it’s your money. That means you can spend it however you want.

What Kinds of Injuries Do Defective Products Cause

Defective products can cause all sorts of injuries depending on the product.

A defective ladder will actively cause broken bones or even paralysis, for instance, while a defective smoke alarm will fail to alert people in the house to a fire and can passively result in their death or serious injury.

Some injuries defective products cause include:

  • Bone fractures
  • Amputations
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Spinal cord and back injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Burns
  • Herniated disks

On top of all else, all of these injuries can cause serious medical bills and preclude you from working, either temporarily or permanently.

If so, you can hope for a hefty settlement, but settling takes time. A lot of time.

In the meantime, how will those bills, the rent or mortgage, and all other expenses get paid? A lawsuit loan from us can be one way.

In as little as 24 hours you can have the financial assistance you need to pay off these costs. Or for anything else.

Why Do You Need a Pre-Advance Loan for a Lawsuit?

Explaning Product Liability - Delta Lawsuit LoansLawsuit loans give you the freedom you need after an accident caused by a defective product. We don’t check credit, we don’t check employment, and we don’t ask for payment until you settle.

Those are three things banks do, and that’s if you can get a bank loan in the first place.

We also can get you to cash in only a day, which is the speed you need after an accident like this.

The loan is also flexible in that you can use it for whatever you want.

Everyone’s needs are different after an accident, and they depend on the details of the accident and its severity. That’s why we leave the decision of what to spend the money on up to you.

Finally, we get paid right out of the settlement. That’s good for two reasons.

First, you don’t pay us before you settle. Second, you never pay us if you lose. Those are two fewer things to worry about while you’re in the process of settling.