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Birth Injury Lawsuit Settlements

Up to 6 to 8 infants born have a birth injury for every 1000 in the United States.

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Birth Injury
Birth Injury Lawsuit loans

Birth Injury Accident Lawsuit Loans – Get the Settlement You Deserve

The birth of a baby is usually the greatest day in a mother’s and father’s life, but, unfortunately, things can go terribly wrong.

A birth injury also called birth trauma or traumatic birth, is any injury a baby suffers during delivery. It can include a whole range of injuries and causes, but the common denominator is if there was negligence involved, you were wronged and can sue for damages.

Birth injuries are relatively uncommon, but they’re not rare. More than one in every 10,000 babies is injured during delivery––28,000 every year.

If your baby suffered a birth injury during delivery due to negligence, you could be entitled to sue. Once you get an attorney, you become eligible for a birth injury lawsuit settlements from us.
Delta Lawsuit Loans lawsuit loans can get you your money months or years before you’ll get paid out of a settlement.

What Should I Do If My Baby Suffered a Birth Injury?

Assuming you gave birth in a hospital, there is obviously no need to drive over to the hospital. After a birth injury, doctors will work to ensure your baby’s health.

Sometimes, however, no help is enough for the injury that was suffered, or, worse, doctors don’t provide the help they should, and the baby ends up with long-lasting trauma from the birth injury.

In the case of a birth injury, your newborn will likely spend much longer in the hospital than he or she otherwise would have.

Birth trauma can also mean regular hospital visits for a child who would have otherwise been healthy. All the extra care a birth injury requires means your time and money become severely limited.

In such a case, it’s your right and even your responsibility to your own well-being to sue for damages and continued costs of caring for a child who suffered a birth injury.

Once you hire a lawyer to begin the long process of settling, you can apply for a personal injury lawsuit loan from our company, either on our website or by calling our office.

The treatment your child needs doesn’t wait for the months or years it can take to win a settlement. That’s where a pre-settlement cash advance from us helps: You can have the money you need in just 24 hours!

What is a Traumatic Birth Injury?

Traumatic Birth Injury

Birth injuries include any injuries a baby sustains during childbirth, whether during normal vaginal delivery or via a caesarian section.
A birth injury is often due to factors that are not in your or the doctor’s control.

Many times, however, the doctor could have done more to mitigate injury, including by recommending certain procedures or refraining from others. In such a case, it may be appropriate to file a lawsuit. That’s a conversation for you and your attorney.

Regardless of the exact cause and type of birth injury, we can help with a lawsuit loan to get you and your child from birth injury to birth injury settlements.

You can shorten the wait to get money from years to hours with a pre-settlement cash advance from us.

  • How Do Birth Injuries Happen?

Some causes of injury include a very large baby, a very overweight mother, a mother’s abnormally shaped pelvis or birth canal, long or difficult labor, a C-section, a baby’s abnormal position in the birth canal, or the use of outside devices such as forceps to deliver the baby.

Often, these causes go hand in hand, as difficult delivery may require forceps, or a very large baby may require a C-section.

The exact cause of the birth injury is hugely important to how much you can expect to see out of a settlement.

But let us and your attorney worry about that. The priority for you is to protect your own wellbeing and that of your child.

To do that, you may need the money more quickly than your settlement can provide it.

In that case, you can apply for a birth trauma lawsuit loan from Delta Lawsuit Loans, which can get you the kind of money you need in just a day. You can use that money for whatever you want, and you only have to pay us back if and when you win your settlement.

What Are Common Birth Injuries?

There are a number of injuries the baby can suffer during birth.
The most common birth injuries include bleeding, including internal bleeding and blood vessel ruptures; bone fractures; nerve injuries in the face or the limbs; or swelling or bruising of the head.

Other injuries can also happen as birth injuries, but these are the most common.

Whatever the injury was that your baby suffered, if you hire an attorney and are waiting to settle, we can help with a lawsuit loan. We also offer product liability, nursing home negligence, and dog bites injury lawsuit loans.

We’ll review your case with your attorney and decide whether to offer to fund. If you’re approved, you can expect the money in as little as 24 hours, and you can use it for whatever you’d like.

Why a Lawsuit Loan?

Lawsuit Loans in Iowa

You might think that your first concern should be your child’s health and not money, but it’s impossible to ensure your child’s health without the money you’ll need to pay for his or her treatment.

That’s why filing a lawsuit and settling can be so important in a case like this.

But if you wait to start your child’s treatment until you have money from the settlement in hand, you could be waiting months or even years.

All that time can cause irreparable damage to your child.

If you want to do the best you can for your own health and for your child’s, you need the money to do so as soon as tomorrow. Waiting for your settlement almost guarantees that you won’t have money any time close to tomorrow.

But if you apply for a settlement loan from us today, you could be approved and have cash in hand as soon as tomorrow.

Time is essential in the case of birth injuries. Only having the cash you need sooner rather than later allows you to make the most of the time you have and get the care you and your child need.

While you’ll get the cash from us quickly, you won’t have to pay us back quickly.

In fact, those months or years before your settlement comes in?
Those are months and years when you won’t be paying us anything because you don’t pay a cent until you win your settlement.

And what if you don’t win? If you don’t get the settlement money you were counting on, how could you ever pay us back while continuing to pay for your child’s expensive medical treatments?
Well, it’s a good thing you’ll never have to worry about such a scenario: You don’t pay us back if you don’t win!

Using Your Money

While we’ve been talking about using the money for your child’s treatment, that’s only because that’s a common thing to use birth injury loans for.

It absolutely doesn’t mean you have to or are expected to use the money that way.

Once you’re approved for a pre-settlement cash advance, the decision about how to use the money is entirely up to you.

That’s because we’ll get paid right out of the pre-settlement loans or not at all, so how you use the money in the meantime is entirely your business.