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Bus accidents are to blame for a number of deaths and injuries not only to bus
passengers but also others that use the roadways.

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Bus Accidents
Bus Accident lawsuit Loans - Delta Lawsuit Loans

Bus Accident Lawsuit Loans – Fast Cash from Delta Lawsuit Loans

A bus accident lawsuit settlement loan is a very commonly used program.

They are helpful to victims of bus accidents to pay their bills while they wait for their claim to settle.

Bus accidents can result in medical bills building up with no way to pay for them. Especially if you may be out of work.

When our clients call Delta Lawsuit Loans for a bus accident settlement loan, we get them the funds quickly.

Usually in less than 24 hours from approval. You can use the money for anything that comes due.

It can be your rent, mortgage, car bill, etc. and the best part of this program is that if you do not succeed in winning your case, there is nothing owed to us.

That’s because we invest in your case. It’s your money!

How common are bus crashes?

lawsuit Loans for Bus Accident - Delta Lawsuit LoansOver 700 million passengers board buses in the United States every single year.

The good news is that bus accidents are not very common. The bad news is that if you have ever been in a bus accident, it can be very devastating.

Public transportation vehicles experience accidents every single year.

Approximately 24,000 people are injured in an accident in the United States.

Primary Causes of Bus Accidents

There are three major reasons for bus accidents in this country:

  1. Training: Unfortunately, a lot of bus operators are not properly trained. As a result, this is a very frequent factor in lawsuits for bus accidents. The companies have a responsibility to properly train them which they fall short on.
  2. Blind spots: Busses are very large and have major blind spots. That makes it very difficult for them to see completely around and the sides of the bus. Because they are slower and make lots of stops, quite often cars try to pass them in their blind spots which can cause a major accident.
  3. Bus Maintenance: Busses require frequent maintenance for many reasons. They are used very often and more importantly, they carry many lives along with them. They have a responsibility to make sure they are maintained. All too often they are not which is a major cause of bus accident malfunctions leading to injuries.

A recent study showed that over 80% of the bus accidents were as a result of the driver engaged in risky behavior.

They are literally putting their passengers’ lives at risk.

A study also showed that young, inexperienced drivers increased the risk of causing these severe bus accidents.

In addition to young people, a high-risk category were drivers that were over the age of 65.

For drivers in this demographic the breakdown is as follows:

  • 52.3% increase in severe incapacitating injuries
  • 33.1% increase in severe non-incapacitating injuries
  • 18.6% increase in accidents resulting in minor injuries
  • 18% increase in fatalities

Why Don’t Buses Have Seat Belts?

Did you ever wonder why buses do not have seat belts?

Think about it.
Every car has a seatbelt.

It saves thousands of lives in the rear when someone is in a car accident.

Shouldn’t busses have them as well? The answer is a matter of dollars and cents.

According to the NHTSA study the cost to put them outweighs the cost of the injuries. That’s pretty surprising.

What is more challenging is that they make it very difficult to file a lawsuit against them for not having it if you were in a bus accident.

  • You need to prove that your injury was as a direct result of not having a seat belt to secure
  • You need to prove that if one was in fact provided, you would have secured yourself with it
  • You need to prove that had you worn a seatbelt, your particular injury would have been less severe

How Much Money Can You Get from a Bus Accident?

How much any lawsuit is worth, including school bus accident lawsuit, depends on the factors of the case.

These can include the severity of your injuries, the permanence of the injuries (for example, a lifelong disability that prevents you from ever working again is considered more damaging than a broken bone that heals in several weeks), and the bus driver’s negligence.

If your injuries were very serious and the accident occurred due to the bus driver’s negligence, bus accident lawsuit funding can be worth over $250,000.

But many cases are not this serious, while others are extraordinary and can be worth much more. It all depends on the details of your case.

When you apply for a lawsuit loan from us, we’ll review all these details with your lawyer.

And, in as little as a day, we’ll get back to you. If you’re approved, you’ll get the cash you need for whatever you want to spend it on.

Getting a Bus Accident Settlement Advance

If you’re reading this page, you might be thinking, all this information is helpful, but why would I want to go with a lawsuit loan from Delta Lawsuit Loans over a traditional bank loan?

There are several key reasons to opt for a bus accident loan:

  • First, a bus accident loan is tied specifically to your lawsuit. Unlike bank loans, which you have to repay when they’re due regardless of the status of your case, a bus loan from Delta Lawsuit Loans is only due when you win. We take out the repayment directly from the settlement. That means we literally can’t be repaid until you win, and we literally can’t be repaid if you lose. This is called a non-recourse loan.
  • Second, banks will check your credit and employment––two things that might not be great right after a serious bus accident. Delta Lawsuit Loans won’t. We decide whether to fund your case on the merits of your case. We’re not worried about your being able to pay back because you don’t payback. We’ll get repaid right out of the settlement, so what does your credit score have anything to do with it?
  • It can take forever to be approved for a traditional loan––and that’s if you ever get approved at all. It takes five minutes to fill out an application for a lawsuit loan from us, and only as little as 24 hours to get your cash if you’re approved.

lawsuit Funding for Bus Accident - Delta Lawsuit LoansFinally, a lawsuit loan can actually help you get a better settlement.

The insurers can tell if you need the money badly.

They know that if you need the money, you’ll even take an unfair settlement offer. If you get a pre-settlement cash advance from us, however, you’re no longer desperate for money, and your lawyer can fight for the settlement you really deserve.

What Should I Do with the Money?

We place no restrictions on how you use the money.

That’s another great advantage of a lawsuit loan over a traditional loan.

You can use the money for anything you want, whether that’s medical bills, rent, groceries, or literally anything else. It’s your money, so it’s up to you.

How Much of an Advance Can I Get for My Case?

It depends entirely on the value of your case.

We determine how much funding to offer based on how much we expect you to be awarded in a settlement.

So if your bus accident caused serious injuries and was due to clear negligence, you can get a bigger pre-settlement cash advance.

If it caused minor injuries and the negligence was not so clear, the advance you’ll get will be less.

Generally, we offer advances anywhere from $500 to $5,000,000, but it’s not a hard and fast rule.

Call us or apply on our website today and we can figure out the lawsuit loan that’s right for your case.

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