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Assault and battery is the mix of two savage violations: attack the danger of
savagery and battery wrongdoing, physical brutality.

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Assault & Battery
Assault and battery Lawsuit Loans - Delta Lawsuit Loans

Apply for an Assault and Battery Lawsuit Funding

Assaults and batteries can be shocking and overwhelming.

Unlike many other cases we fund at Delta Lawsuit Loans, assaults and batteries involve one person intentionally hurting another person.

An assault and battery is not an accident; it is an intentional attempt at injuring another person.

That’s why we take offering lawsuit for battery and assault victims so seriously.

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that in 2018 alone, 3,254,250 Americans were the victims of violent crime, which usually involves some sort of assault.

That’s well over 1 percent of all Americans.

If you were among one of those 3.25 million Americans and now you’ve hired an attorney to potentially file a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator of your attack and you’re waiting to settle, you can receive a lawsuit loan from us.

After you apply on our website or over the phone, Delta Lawsuit Loans consults with your attorney regarding the specific details of your case.

If we approve of you, you’ll have cash on hand in as little as 24 hours.

You can use it for whatever you want, and you only pay back if and when you win your settlement.

Assault and Battery Injury: What to Do

assault & battery lawsuit loans - Delta Lawsuit Loans

  • Step number one after you’ve been injured in an assault and battery is calling 911. You may need an ambulance to take you to the hospital for your injuries.
  • Next is to file for assault and battery is a criminal offense, so you have to call the police.
  • If your injuries are not serious enough to call for an ambulance, but you do need to visit the hospital, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. More important than a criminal or civil trial or settlement is your health.

Once you’ve recovered enough, you should start thinking about filing a civil suit against the person who assaulted you.

While criminal cases can put the perpetrator away in prison, a civil suit can help you recoup funds for your medical costs, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

After securing a lawyer, you may be waiting to settle. If so, you could qualify for an assault and battery loan from us.

You just apply for a settlement loan today and you could have one as soon as tomorrow.

Once you get the money, it’s yours to spend as you see fit.

What Qualifies as Assault and Battery?

Assault and battery, at its most basic level, is when one person attacks another person or threatens another person with the intent to injure him or her.

More technically, assault often refers to the intent to commit the crime while battery refers to the crime itself, but practically there is not much difference between the two.

There are different levels of assault and battery.

  • A simple assault is when the perpetrator does not use a weapon during the assault and the victim does not suffer major injuries or any injuries at all.

Some examples of injuries that are considered minor for the purposes of judging the level of assault include bruises, cuts, black eyes, or scratches.

If you were in the hospital for less than two days after the assault and the perpetrator did not use a weapon, you were the victim of a simple assault.

  • Aggravated assault refers to a case when the perpetrator used a weapon or threatened the victim with a weapon or caused serious injury to the victim. Any time a weapon, such as a gun or a knife, is used to assault or used to threaten assault, it is an aggravated assault no matter how serious or minor the injuries that result are.

Similarly, even if no weapon was used, but the victim sustained serious injuries, the victim suffered an aggravated assault.

  • Serious injuries include broken bones, loss of consciousness, internal injuries, or lost teeth. Additionally, any time you must stay in the hospital for at least two days, you’ve suffered a serious injury and have been the victim of an aggravated assault.

Whether you were the victim of simple or aggravated assault, you qualify for a lawsuit loan from us if you’ve hired an attorney and you’re waiting to settle.

We’ll get you your money as soon as a day after you apply. You pay us back only when you win your settlement.

Even better, if you don’t win your settlement, you don’t owe us anything!

How Do Assault and Battery Happen?

Assault & Battery Lawsuit Loans in California - Delta Lawsuit LoansAssault and battery can accompany other crimes or happen all on their own.

They can encompass a credible threat to violence or the violence itself.

There’s a whole range of cases that qualify as assault and/or battery, and the level of assault and battery can affect your settlement.

Some assaults can happen in ways that will preclude you from succeeding in your case.

Some examples include if the victim consented to the possibility of injury, such as in a tackle football game.

Another includes if the perpetrator was acting in his or her own defense or if he or she was defending others.

But that’s for us and your attorney to work out once you apply. Chances are that if your attorney has taken you on as a client, you have a viable, realistic case.

After the assault and battery, you could be facing medical bills and time out of work.

To help with the difficult time between when you were assaulted and when you can finally settle, we can help.

It can take months or years to get the money you deserve in a settlement, but just a day to get a lawsuit loan.

What Kinds of Injuries Does Assault and Battery Cause?

The injuries a victim sustains depend on, and often define, the level of assault.

For example, if you suffered minor injuries that heal without medical attention or with minimal medical attention (less than two days), or even if you didn’t suffer any injuries at all, that doesn’t mean you didn’t suffer an assault; it just means you were the victim of a simple assault.

However, there is a case where an aggravated assault will cause no injury: If the perpetrator pointed a gun or knife at the victim, even if he or she did not end up using the gun or knife, the victim has still suffered an aggravated assault.

Aggravated assaults, with or without weapons, can lead to much more serious injuries. At the very least, these injuries can include black eyes, bruises, and broken teeth.

But at worst, they can extend to internal damage, brain damage, or spinal damage that you see in car accidents and slip and falls.

Your final settlement will depend largely on the exact details of the assault and your injuries, but you don’t have time to think about that.

Even if your injuries were minor, your psychological trauma can be severe.

If you’ve hired a lawyer and you’re waiting to settle, you can get the money you need today in the form of a pre-settlement cash advance.

Why a Lawsuit Loan?

texas lawsuit loan

If you’ve been the victim of assault and battery, your first thought might be about bringing the perpetrator to justice.

But the police and authorities will already be on that; there’s not much you can do.

It’s important to think of yourself too at a time like this. Your medical bills won’t pay themselves.

Neither will your other expenses that come up after an experience like this, which can include therapy costs and lost wages for time out of work.

Money won’t solve all your problems, but it can make them easier to deal with.

With a lawsuit for assault funding, you can work to overcome the challenging time between assault and battery and settlement.

Without a pre-settlement cash advance, that transition can take well over a year.

When you win your case, your attorney will pay us back right out of the settlement.

The best part is, if you don’t win, you don’t pay us a cent.

Either way, you’ll never end up paying back your pre-settlement cash advance out of your own pocket.

  • What Can I Use the Money For?

That’s your decision! We have to know the details of your case in order to approve you, which is why we speak with your lawyer, but there’s no reason for us to know how you’ll spend the money.

A bank would want to know, but we don’t have to! That’s because a lawsuit loan is not really a loan.

Because the only way we get paid back is right out of the settlement, and the settlement isn’t affected by what you spend the money on, we don’t care about how you plan to spend it.

For the same reason, we won’t check your credit or employment history because they’re irrelevant to our being paid back.

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