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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide pre-settlement funding (Often referred to as lawsuit loans or settlement loans) to plaintiffs in need. Unlike traditional loans, lawsuit loans come with no strings non-recourse…

On your end, you are receiving a cash advance: however on our end we are making an investment in a lawsuit. Of course, in the business world, when you make a bad investment you simply lose your money. There is no recourse. That is why we learn about cases before we choose to invest in them. This is our logic.

Basically that means that each month interest is charged on the new balance. For example if you start with $100 and a 3% interest rate, after the first month you would be charged $3. This brings your total balance to $103.

The following month you will be charged 3% of $103, and so on, each month until your case settles. Once we know exactly what you’re approved for we can give you a month by month breakdown of payback figures that you will be able to review before you have made any decisions.

The money goes directly to you. We will not transfer money into any account that does not bear your name. If you don’t have a bank account we can overnight you a check via Fed Ex that you can then take to a check cashing facility to cash.

In addition, if you prefer that US Direct sends the money directly to your attorney so he/she can give it to you, we can send a check to your attorney or wire the funds directly into his/her escrow account.

We use your Social Security Number to make sure that you are who you say you are and to make sure no other companies have already advanced you money for this case.

We do not share your Social with any third parties.

No. Your receipt of funding from US Direct will have no bearing on the outcome of your case. This cash advance is between you, your attorney, and us.

There is no third party involved and the party you have a claim against is not informed of our advance.

Because the funding has no bearing on the outcome of your case, how much the case settles for, or how much your attorney makes off the case, most lawyers have no problem working with us to help you.

Of course, your attorney will be able to review all the terms and conditions of the cash advance before they agree to anything.

Depending on how quickly you can get us the documentation, the money can be in your account in 24 hours. Bear in mind that the speed at which we can get you approved is entirely dependent on the speed at which we can get information from your attorney’s office.

No. We have no right to participate or have any input in your case whatsoever in the processing, negotiation or settlement of the case. Only you and your attorney have a say in that matter

No. It is an investment in the future value of the case. If you lose the case, unlike a loan, you do not ever pay us back.