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How Coronavirus Has Increased Demands for Legal Funding

The coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, has thrown the world on its head.

In just the past few months, the virus has killed well over a hundred thousand Americans and hundreds of thousands more worldwide.

The elderly are most likely to present the most serious symptoms and die from COVID-19, but no one’s safe, and the entire world has had to lock down or else severely curtail interactions to stay safe.

COVID-19 and the American Economy

As with anything, the most serious risk of COVID presents is death, but the economic harm the disease has caused both to those who have had it and to others who have lost work because of it cannot and should not be forgotten.

It’s because of the sudden changes related to the coronavirus that requests for legal help and litigation funding from Delta Lawsuit Loans and other legal funding companies like it have skyrocketed.

We’re going to discuss that trend in this article, as well as what you can do today to secure your finances in the midst of all the uncertainty that’s going on.

Are We in Deep Trouble?

Before we even begin, we should remind you that instead of caving to a lowball offer from the other side, give Delta Lawsuit Loans a chance to give you pre-settlement funding.

Our lawsuit loans come free from any restrictions, and you can have one as soon as tomorrow if you apply today.

With the day-by-day unpredictability of the coronavirus, that type of speed and flexibility is invaluable.

coronavirus pre-settlement funding

The Coronavirus and Its Impact in the US

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (pretty literally in this case), you know about the pandemic that’s completely upended normal life in the several months since it originated in Wuhan, China.

The virus ransacked that city but didn’t stop there, crossing national lines with impunity until it arrived in the United States.

The virus’s first stop in the U.S. was likely in New York sometime in February.

New York City, the United States’ largest city, was a major early epicenter of the pandemic domestically.

Washington State was another early epicenter, and the virus has been a persistent menace in cities across the country ever since.

Florida has emerged as the most recent virus hotspot within the country, and cases are as high now as they ever have been.

Unfortunately, causing sickness and death, while the most direct result of the disease, is not the disease’s only result.

The disease has also caused millions upon millions of American workers to no longer be able to go into work.

Employers began to furlough and then fire many of their employees.
Some of those jobs will return when the pandemic ends, but many will not.

Because of shutdown orders enacted to avoid spread of the virus and because people are less likely to go out and shop during a life-threatening pandemic, many businesses have either lost too much money to continue employing the same number of people or have gone out of business entirely. Some jobs will return, and some will not.

In the meantime, though, everyone who’s been laid off is unemployed, and unemployment benefits and government stimulus checks may not be enough for many of them.

The Increased Demand for Lawsuit Loans

To understand why demand for legal funding has increased dramatically since the pandemic began, consider all the plaintiffs currently waiting to settle who before the pandemic were perfectly fine financially.

They had steady income from their jobs and no unforeseen costs. Now imagine they’ve been laid off.

Not only have they lost their income, but it’s very probably they’ve lost their health insurance as well. No more steady income, and a whole lot of unforeseen costs.

And that’s for those plaintiffs who haven’t contracted COVID or, if they have, who’ve had mild symptoms if any.

For these plaintiffs loss of employment and health insurance is enough to cause their finances to be in a shambles.

For those who, on top of all this, have had a serious bout of COVID, a pre-settlement cash advance can be the lifeline they need.

The Increased Demand for Legal Help

Even Americans who weren’t plaintiffs when the pandemic started may become plaintiffs now.

For one thing, even with decreased traffic and excursions, car accidents and slip and falls haven’t gone away.

On top of that, the pandemic provides a host of new legal issues. Not least among them are wrongful termination, inadequate accommodations for Americans with disabilities, and unsafe work environments.

These are always legal issues, but even more so with the pandemic.

With so many Americans being fired for economic reasons, many are bound to be fired for illegal reasons with their firings hidden among the many for legitimate reasons.

With many workers required to work from home, many employers may not provide the necessary accommodations to their disabled employees and customers.

And with the growing concern over disinfection and sanitation, sloppiness by employers that went unchecked before may now be challenged legally.

Help is Always Around the Corner

If you do have one of these legal issues or one of many others, you can hire a lawyer and get right on applying for litigation funding from us.

One great thing about a lawsuit loan is you’re just as likely to get one if your credit’s bad or, a problem for many Americans right now, if you’re unemployed.

Whether you have a job, were laid off, or have been unemployed since before the pandemic, you can still apply for and receive pre-settlement funding from Delta Lawsuit Loans.

COVID-10 lawsuit funding

How Legal Funding Can Help Right Now

With the newfound financial stresses of the pandemic, many plaintiffs and would-be plaintiffs might be tempted to accept whatever offer the other side might put their way.

That might be good for plaintiffs in the short term but, in the long term, it’s costing the plaintiffs a lot of money they could have received had they waited.

But how can they wait when they need the money to cover costs they thought their salary would pay for, or medical expenses they thought their job-based insurance would cover?

Accepting the lowball offer is one option, but pre-settlement funding from Delta Lawsuit Loans is another. You could actually get a lawsuit loan from Delta Lawsuit Loans faster than you can get the money from your settlement if you say yes.

All you have to do is have hired a lawyer, give us a call, have your lawyer send over some documents, and sign the contract we give you if you’re approved.

Sounds like a number of steps, but the process is pretty intuitive, and the whole thing can take just 24 hours.

On top of all that, we guarantee we’ll match or beat the rate all other legal funding companies offer you in writing now.

The only thing predictable about this coronavirus is how unpredictable it is. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, let alone the months or even years after that during which you’ll still be waiting to settle.

That’s why we allow for flexibility by letting you use the money we give you however you want.

Once it’s in your bank account, it’s your money, and it’s not our place to tell you how to spend it or approve every transaction you make with it.

Our policy is that it’s your money. That’s not a special COVID accommodation, but our policy always. We invite you to take out a lawsuit loan and take advantage of the freedom it provides.

When you do win your case, your lawyer will pay us back right out of the settlement. But if you lose, instead of going into debt to us and struggling to ever pay us back for the loan, you won’t owe us a cent. You pay us back only if you win; the “loan” is free if you lose and fail to settle.

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