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What is the Modified Comparative Negligence Rule?

By far, the most common way states decide which driver pays which and how much he or she pays is the modified comparative negligence rule. Basically, the rule states that a driver who was more at fault pays the driver who was less at fault the damages the less-at-fault driver suffered minus the less-at-fault driver’s […]

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How Coronavirus Has Increased Demands for Legal Funding

The coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, has thrown the world on its head. In just the past few months, the virus has killed well over a hundred thousand Americans and hundreds of thousands more worldwide. The elderly are most likely to present the most serious symptoms and die from COVID-19, but no one’s safe, […]

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Slip and Fall Accidents: 7 Facts You Need to Know

Delta Lawsuit Loans covers a huge range of cases, but one of the most common cases we fund are slip and falls. This type of case involves premises liability, which is when someone hurts themselves on property that belongs to someone else, whether that’s another person, a business, or the government (if you fell on […]

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How Working With a Pre-Settlement Funding Company Can Help You

Pre-settlement funding can be exactly what you need, but you might never have heard of it. That’s because, unlike other types of loans, lawsuit loans are specific to plaintiffs who have hired a lawyer and might sue. Unlike a bank loan, settlement loans are reserved for this specific purpose, so they’re not as common. But, […]

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The Pure Comparative Negligence Rule: Anything You Need to Know

Of the several rules that govern how much each party gets and pays after a car accident, the pure comparative negligence rule is maybe the easiest to understand. After an accident, a jury looks at two things. First, they ask, how much did the plaintiff sustain in damages? Second, they ask, how much of the […]

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