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How a Lawsuit Cash Advance Can Help After a Car Accident

Delta Lawsuit Loans’s clients request lawsuit loans for a whole number of cases, including slip and falls, product liability cases, assault and battery cases, and more.

You can check out all the cases we fund in that section of the website.
But, far and away, the most common cases we fund are auto accident cases.

Auto accident cases include car accidents, RV accidents, taxi and rideshare accidents, and bus accidents. Of those, of course, the most common one we cover is car accident cases.

Why are Car Accident Lawsuit Loans More Common?

The reason requests for car accident loans are so common is that lawsuit cash advances can be an immense source of help for people who have been in a car accident. In this article, we outline the ways a car accident cash advance can help both in the immediate aftermath of an accident and some time later.

What to Do After a Car Accident

While your finances can take a hit after a car accident, and that’s probably why you’re here on our website, it’s generally not your first priority in the immediate aftermath of a car accident.

Generally, the first thing you’ll do after you’ve been in a car accident, considering you’re conscious and in a state that allows you to, will be to check to make sure you and any passengers you may have with you are safe and, if they’re not, to call 911.

You’ll also call 911 if the accident was serious, even if no one was necessarily hurt. And, if you’re able, don’t forget to make sure the other driver is okay.

If he or she is, you should exchange information with him or her, including your phone number, address, and driver’s license and insurance information.

You should review the laws for your state regarding which information to give and whether you’re required to call police after an accident.
Never, never, never just abandon the scene of the accident; that is a serious crime.

Filing a Lawsuit

If you either weren’t badly hurt or have recovered enough to continue on to the next steps, you can contact an attorney to decide if filing a lawsuit against the other driver could be the right move for you.

This is especially appropriate when you cannot agree who was at fault, or when the other driver’s insurer refuses to cover all of your damages.

Filing a lawsuit isn’t about being vindictive; it’s about using the legal means at your disposal to claim damages that are rightfully yours.

car accident loans

Rules for Car Accident Lawsuits

We have a series of detailed articles on the different sets of rules that govern car accident lawsuits in different states, but we’ll restate them briefly here.

  • First, you have states with a no-fault insurance system.
    In these states, drivers go to their own insurers to cover medical costs even when they weren’t at fault; a driver can only sue another driver or his or her insurer if the driver meets certain criteria.
  • Second, there are states with a contributory negligence rule, which bars plaintiffs who contributed in any way to the accident from suing.
    If you were even a bit responsible for the accident in one of these states, you won’t be allowed to sue.
  • Third, there are states with a pure comparative negligence rule, which allows anyone who wasn’t completely at fault for the accident to sue; however, any fault one did contribute is subtracted from one’s damages.
  • Finally, there are states with a modified comparative negligence rule, which allocate damages the same way as pure comparative negligence states but bar from suing plaintiffs who were more responsible than (or, in some of these states, as responsible as) the driver they are suing.

Statute of Limitations on Car Accidents

A second rule that governs car accident lawsuits, and usually all other types of lawsuits, is the statute of limitations.

The statute of limitations is the amount of time someone has to file a lawsuit; if a person files a lawsuit after this deadline passes, it is unlikely the lawsuit will be allowed to proceed.

The statute of limitations varies by state. You can find the statute of limitations for each state Delta Lawsuit Loans covers in that state’s page.

When You Need the Money

After you hire a lawyer and begin the process of filing a lawsuit, it can still take months if not years to get any money out of the lawsuit or the resulting settlement.

In the meantime, you could desperately need cash, whether it’s to pay for medical bills, a new car if yours was totaled, or anything else.

It doesn’t help that injuries from a car accident can often mean time out of work and lost wages, either temporarily or permanently. What do you do then?

There is one way to get cash quickly in settlement talks: Don’t negotiate.

It probably won’t take too long for the other driver’s insurer to get back to you with an initial settlement offer.

Generally, this initial offer is the lowest the insurer feels it can get away with paying you and is its starting offer for negotiation.

Usually you and your attorney would make a counteroffer, and the long process of negotiation would begin.

But if you need the money badly, you could always accept this settlement offer at face value.

You can cash in and accept this offer, even though with some negotiation you could hold out for a much more lucrative offer. You’re sacrificing the full value of your case to get paid faster.

That’s a totally legitimate option, but it may not be the smartest option. It could even not be the fastest option.

A car accident cash advance from Delta Lawsuit Loans can help you get the money you need in as little as a day while still keeping the possibility of a large settlement open.

Instead of cashing out your settlement and forfeiting any opportunity to settle for more, you’re just taking out a cash advance against part of your settlement.

This allows you to pay your bills and buy whatever you need, while at the same time you allow your lawyer to keep fighting on your behalf.

car accident cash advance

The Benefits of a Car Accident Loan

  • The first major benefit of a car accident loan is how quick you can get one. Let’s say you apply for pre-settlement funding right now, today.
    And let’s say you and your lawyer do your parts effectively––you have a conversation with us and your lawyer sends over the documents we need to see right away.
    If we approve your case in that situation, we’ll usually send over the cash advance you’re approved for within a day!
    Even if your lawyer accepted whatever offer was on the table from the insurance company today, it could still take weeks before you actually see any of that money.
  • A lawsuit loan is easy to get. You just have to have a short conversation with us, and your lawyer just has to send over some documents. We don’t even need or want to check your credit or employment. All we care about is how likely your case is to win.
  • Third, you can spend the money however you want. When you get a car accident loan, you get money you decide how to spend, not us. Any decisions about your money will be yours and yours alone.
  • Finally, you only pay back if you win. This might be pre-settlement loans’ biggest selling point because it eliminates any risk of going in the hole by losing. If you win, you pay us back out of the settlement; but if you lose, you don’t owe us anything.

So, in conclusion, a lawsuit cash advance can help after a car accident by giving you the money you need while not forcing you to forfeit your chance at a greater settlement later down the line.

All the while, it’s easy and quick to get one, you can spend it any way you want, and you don’t pay back if you lose.

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