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Amputation Lawsuit Loans

Amputation refers to surgical removal of a limb or extremity. It can be a complete removal or a partial removal. Many amputations are linked to disease or infection, but others happen because of accidents. About 1.6 million––five in every thousand––Americans live with an amputation. The most common amputation is of the leg, which can be above or below the knee.

If you’ve been in an accident that caused you to have to undergo an amputation, you could be entitled to compensation. You can seek this compensation by hiring a lawyer and filing a amputation lawsuit. But even after you do everything in your power to get your money, you still might not get any money for years. In the meantime, Delta Lawsuit Loans can offer a lawsuit loan so that you can afford to pay off your medical bills or other costs. Or, you can use the money for anything else you’d like. Once we approve you and send the money over to you in as little as 24, it’s your money!

How Do Amputations Happen?

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Amputations are usually the result of damaged or narrow arteries. This damage or narrowness is called peripheral arterial disease, and it results in poor circulation that cuts off the necessary amount of oxygen and nutrients to a certain tissue. The tissue then dies and may become infected, requiring it to be separated from the rest of the body through amputation. If you don’t amputate, the infection could spread to the rest of the body and even threaten your life.

Other causes of amputation include serious injury, which could be the result of a car accident; a severe infection that does not improve with antibiotics; a neuroma, which is when the nerve tissue thickens; a malignant tumor in the bone or muscle; or frostbite.

If you’re suing, you probably got your amputation as a result of a car accident, medical malpractice, or another serious accident or burn. But the details of your case are for your attorney. If you suffered an amputation and you’ve hired an attorney, you can apply for a pre-settlement cash advance, and we’ll discuss the details of the suit with your attorney. Then, if you’re approved, you could see the cash in your bank account in only a day.

Types of Amputations

Amputations can include the removal of any limbs or extremities. These include arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, and toes. The amputation also varies in terms of from which point exactly the limb is removed. For example, leg amputations can be above or below the knee, and arm amputations can be above or below the elbow.

No matter which and how much of the limb was removed in the amputation due to the injury or infection you suffered, you could be eligible for a lawsuit loan from Delta Lawsuit Loans. We fund your case, and our funding is tied to your case. If your lawsuit settles next March, we won’t get paid until next March. And if you fail to settle, we won’t get paid at all.

How Do I Know if I Need an Amputation?

A doctor checks in several ways to see if and where amputation is necessary. He or she wants to remove the dead or infected tissue while leaving behind as much of the healthy tissue as he or she can. The doctor may check for a pulse close to the planned incision point, look for redness on the skin, see if you are still sensitive to touch near the planned incision point, and/or compare the temperature of the limb that is to be amputated to a healthy limb. These tests can help a doctor determine where on the limb exactly the healthy tissue ends and the dead tissue begins.

If you had to undergo amputation as a result of a car accident or any other case that Delta Lawsuit Loans funds, you could be eligible for a leg amputation lawsuit loan. Call us up or apply right here on our website to be considered for pre-settlement funding.

What Happens During an Amputation?

During the amputation, the doctor aims to remove unhealthy tissue and crushed bone. To make sure the wound from the amputation will heal correctly, the doctor seals off blood vessels and nerves and smooths out any bone that is uneven. Finally, to help ensure that the patient can return to life as normally as possible, the doctor will shape the muscles so that the resulting stump can fit correctly into a prosthesis.

There are two types of amputation procedures: open or closed. During an open amputation, the doctor leaves the wound open for a few days because there’s a chance he or she will have to remove more tissue. On the other hand, during a closed amputation, the doctor closes the wound up immediately by sewing the flaps of skin back together.

Once you’ve undergone the procedure and have hired an attorney, you can request a lawsuit loan from Delta Lawsuit Loans. Our settlement funding will help you get through the difficult time from injury and amputation to settlement. And you don’t have to worry about failing to settle and having to pay us back, because you only pay us back if and when you win your amputation lawsuit settlement.

How Long Does an Amputation Wound Take to Heal?

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Obviously, recovery takes different amounts of time depending on the exact type of amputation and whether general or spinal anesthesia was used. Pain after the surgery is usually treated with pain medication, and a doctor will also likely prescribe medication to prevent infection. Recovery includes physical therapy, usually starting very soon after the amputation. Furthermore, amputation patients may begin to practice with their prostheses in less than two weeks after the surgery.

The wound itself should heal in four to eight weeks, but emotional wounds and physical adjustment can last much longer.

Wherever you are on the stage to recovery, you could qualify for a lawsuit loan from Delta Lawsuit Loans. Once you’ve hired an attorney, your job is done for now. But it can take your attorney months or years to reach a fair settlement. During that time, your bills won’t wait for you. A settlement loan from Delta Lawsuit Loans can help you make payments until you’re able to settle.

Accidents That Can Cause Amputations

Any severe injury, burn, or infection in a limb can result in amputation. Some of the cases that Delta Lawsuit Loans funds that could result in an amputation include:

If you got an amputation after being injured in any of these accidents or in any other, you’re likely eligible for a pre-settlement cash advance. Delta Lawsuit Loans can get you the money you need in a day instead of the weeks, months, or years it can take to get any settlement money.

How a Lawsuit Loan Can Help

The pace of life after an amputation-causing injury and the pace of your lawsuit and settlement don’t match. Life is extremely hectic after an injury like this, with emergency surgery and sudden loss of limb. On the other hand, your settlement talks will crawl on for who knows how long. Delta Lawsuit Loans can help with the transition from injury to recovery where a settlement cannot. Because when you apply on our website or call to apply for a lawsuit loan, you could be approved and see money in a single day. Twenty-four hours, compared to the 24 months it could take to get your settlement money. The best part is, loans from Delta Lawsuit Loans aren’t really loans. You don’t pay back if you don’t win your settlement. And even when you do win your settlement, you don’t pay back out of your own pocket: We’ll get repaid by your attorney straight out of the lawsuit.

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