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How Working With a Pre-Settlement Funding Company Can Help You

Pre-settlement funding can be exactly what you need, but you might never have heard of it. That’s because, unlike other types of loans, lawsuit loans are specific to plaintiffs who have hired a lawyer and might sue. Unlike a bank loan, settlement loans are reserved for this specific purpose, so they’re not as common. But, […]

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The Pure Comparative Negligence Rule: Anything You Need to Know

Of the several rules that govern how much each party gets and pays after a car accident, the pure comparative negligence rule is maybe the easiest to understand. After an accident, a jury looks at two things. First, they ask, how much did the plaintiff sustain in damages? Second, they ask, how much of the […]

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How Legal Funding Can Benefit Your Case

How legal funding can benefit your finances and your life between your accident and the time you settle may not need to be restated. We go over that countless times, and the benefits are clear. As opposed to waiting uncertainty for your settlement to come in––and, unfortunately, it’s totally possible that may never happen––you can […]

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How a Lawsuit Cash Advance Can Help After a Car Accident

Delta Lawsuit Loans’s clients request lawsuit loans for a whole number of cases, including slip and falls, product liability cases, assault and battery cases, and more. You can check out all the cases we fund in that section of the website. But, far and away, the most common cases we fund are auto accident cases. […]

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What’s the Difference Between a Loan and a Pre-Settlement Cash Advance?

One of the commonest questions were asked at Delta Lawsuit Loans is what the difference is between a bank loan and a pre-settlement cash advance––and, beyond that, what the difference is between a pre-settlement cash advance, a lawsuit loan, a settlement loan, settlement funding, litigation funding … You get the idea. We use a lot […]

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